Kelly Bost


Dr. Kelly Bost  is a professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies and affiliate of the Family Resiliency Center and Department of Psychology. Her core research program examines the dynamic interplay between emotion processes and close relationships. She studies how children co-construct beliefs about relationships through the nature and quality of interactions with family members and peers, and how early attachment security and child temperament impact the development of (mal) adaptive emotion regulation strategies and stress responses across development. Her research program incorporates longitudinal designs using multi-method and multi-level approaches and has been funded by NIH and NSF. Dr. Bost is also an investigator on the STRONG KIDS 2 (SK2) birth cohort study which examines genetic and environmental phenotypes predictive of unhealthful eating, weight, and health trajectories. Her work in this area focuses on how family mealtime environments, parent-child attachment histories, and the emotion-cognition interface may influence the development of pediatric obesity and behavioral regulation. With SK2 collaborators, Dr. Bost also examines gene x environment interactions that confer risk for physical and mental health outcomes.


Phone: 217-244-6673