STRONG Kids Program


Including researchers across many disciplines, the STRONG Kids Program is a comprehensive approach to the study of childhood obesity and health. The program examines how genetic, family, community, child care, cultural, and media factors contribute to the development of childhood weight imbalance, obesity, health behaviors, and health beliefs. Ultimately, findings will serve as the basis for obesity prevention and intervention programs.

Research Projects


Several subprojects utilize STRONG Kids data to examine things such as children’s media exposure and nutritional knowledge, parent-child relationships as potential moderators of health practices, or families’ health literacy as it relates to weight management and body image. The following are subprojects of the STRONG Kids Program.

Ongoing Subprojects

Completed Subprojects

Research Team

Principal Investigators

  • Barbara Fiese, PhD, Family Resiliency Center Director, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Kristen Harrison, PhD, Professor, Communication Studies, University of Michigan
  • Kelly Bost, PhD, Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Brent McBride, PhD, Director, Child Development Laboratory, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Sharon Donovan, PhD, RD, Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition


Project Coordinator


Chelsea Hetherington
Project Coordinator
Phone: 217-300-0858