Mealtime Minutes

Supported by The Pampered Chef, Mealtime Minutes are a series of public service announcements (PSAs) that provide real solutions to common family mealtime challenges. The 30-second PSAs help families create effective strategies to address these challenges and create quality shared time together. The PSAs are broadcast nationwide and reach millions of homes.

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Cooking With Kids

Adults who develop cooking skills tend to enjoy cooking more. Children who learn cooking skills are more likely to increase their consumption of more nutritious foods, including fruits and vegetables. Cooking together helps create family traditions and provides opportunities to share family stories.

Mealtime Minutes: Cooking With Kids

Control the Chaos

It's easy to have your attention diverted away from a meal. Things like answering the phone or door, leaving the table to retrieve something for the meal, or watching television serve as a deterrence to successful mealtime. It's important for families to develop strategies for overcoming or avoiding these distractions and enjoying meals together.